About Declan Milling

Declan Milling

Declan Milling has over thirty years experience practising as an environmental lawyer. Born in Australia, he holds bachelor degrees in science and law and a masters degree in environmental law. Currently based in the United Kingdom Declan divides his time between London and Edinburgh.

Declan Milling writes:

“Some of Emil Pfeffer’s foibles could be my own, but for the most part his characteristics are his own, not those anyone of else. He is a work of fiction, as is the organisation for which he works, the other elements of the story, and as are all the other protagonists in Carbon Black. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

“But the kumo are out there, figuratively and literally, causing damage to indigenous people and ruining their way of life. I have borrowed the kumo as a metaphor, for my story. I hope my use of the concept does not cause consternation amongst anthropologists and others familiar with it and its all too real consequences.” Like his characters, Emil and Johanna, Declan is not given to using social media.

However, he welcomes readers’ feedback by email: author@declan-milling.com