Emil Pfeffer

Battling to get on top of the cybercrime and anti-market hacker conspiracies that plague the carbon market. Perhaps a little prone to self-righteousness, self-importance, since his conversion from poacher to gamekeeper. His return to PNG is like a throw back into another world and time, before his decision to become a regulator (like the reset button has been pushed). He is instantly attracted to Johanna, but at the same time, ghosts from his past materialize, his judgment is tested and, at times, found wanting.

Johanna Dorn

From Berlin, comes from a family of scientists and technocrats. Has had some, but not many, relationships as her study and work haven’t allowed much time for them, until PNG. She hasn’t been interested in anyone she’s met there, until Emil comes along. Has a Ph.D in biology – her specialization: the mating rituals of birds of paradise.

Dominik Baumann

Early thirties, 190cm tall and 110kgs, short dark brown hair, brown eyes. German, family from Hessen. Very fit and healthy: does a lot of hiking and skiing. As a student, was an active environmental campaigner, before the movement took on a greater militancy. Became an environmental regulator for the BMU, where he developed a reputation for chasing down cases others had left in the ‘too hard’ basket. Not averse to a spot of data theft, if the end justifies the means.

Gerry Johnstone

In his early fifties, Gerry has seen better days. Originally from New Zealand, travelled to PNG at the start of his career to work as a government lawyer, gain some experience, save some money, before moving on. It never happened: he lost the plot in an ex-pat lifestyle of boozing and partying with other ex-pats’ wives. Gerry is a good story teller, and good company, until he’s had too much to drink, or propositions your wife or girlfriend.

Gregory Hudson

Sleek, and dangerous. Appearance is very important: Hudson is elegant, smooth, calling the shots, in control. The Special Advisor on Climate and Carbon to the Prime Minister’s Office. A very good operator, with a difficult job. But to whom does he answer?


Global Carbon Markets Organisation, the new UN body set up to try to make the carbon market fulfil its policy object. Has the same status as a Subsidiary Body under the UNFCCC, but established independently of the UNFCCC under a separate treaty.